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Everyone should know that (since April) THERE EXISTS INDEED A WELL PROVEN, SUCCESSFUL AND CHEAP TREATMENT AGAINST COVID-19 which would save many lives if it were not continued (for whatever reason) to be ignored by the majority of health care institutions, governments and media.

The so-called MATH+ Protocol (designed for use in hospitals) has been developed since March 2020 by six members of the FLCCC Working Group in the US, which are all well-known experts (200 years of combined experience in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine).


The components of MATH+ are off-patent, inexpensive, and globally available. So if we know that MATH+ works, produces few side effects, and saves lives that would otherwise be lost, why isn’t it being used throughout the world?  Click her to find out.

Unfortunately the WHO gave a (IMHO lethally) negligent recommendation against the use of corticosteroids against ARDS and sepsis/cytokine storm (based on an insufficient study basis) – but this does not apply if caused by Covid-19! So the MATH+ Protocol is still very rarely used worldwide, while the FLCCC physicians reduced the mortality in their hospitals by 80–95% (in use since March 2020).

Another reason for the lack of publicity could be a bias (especially on the part of the media) against Vitamin C, which however as a high-dose infusion has a very different function than in tablet form as a food supplement.

Also a kind of circular reasoning seems to take place in this matter: "If this would help, it would have been applied everywhere by now. So it can not be true." It is frustrating. (On the other side you can see that there are many new studies with similar approaches, in parts.)


MATH+ would be the «game changer» in the Covid-19 pandemic

Better: «it could have been the game changer». But so much time was wasted, many lives are lost or ruined.

«The administration of intravenous corticosteroids [Methylprednisolone] and ascorbic acid [Vitamin C], starting in the emergency room and continued around the clock while in the hospital, greatly reduces the mortality rate of this disease and the need for mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, the inflammation caused by COVID-19 appears to cause high rates of blood clotting in multiple organs, necessitating the use of blood thinners [Heparin].»

Please inform yourself at about the experts and the treatment, read and spread the information as good as you can. You also can download the MATH+ Protocol (Hospital Treatment Protocol For Covid-19) incl. their press release from April 24, 2020 directlyhere. But on the FLCCC website you will find more recent informations, especially underMedical Evidence.


«I have told my friends and family to print out the protocol […], discuss it as soon as possible with their primary care physicians, and have their physicians [contact] one of our doctors if they have any questions […] Then, they should bring a printed copy of the protocol with them to the hospital where they MUST go when they are first short of breath from Covid19. Right there in the ER, they should DEMAND that the MATH+ protocol be used without a moment’s delay».

Joyce Kamen on
«The Covid19 tragedy that didn’t have to happen»


It would take the edge off the current pandemic until we (perhaps one day) have a vaccination available and allow us to return to a relatively normal life (masks and hygiene should still be a priority at first).


Frank Benno Junghanns
Berlin | 2020-06-12


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